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A full assay laboratory metallurgical testing facility and pilot plant on one site allows American Metallurgical Lab to control chain of command from plant through lab to customer. One site for metallurgical testing and a full service laboratory also allows for expedited turnaround times. Our technology, expertise and range of services offer a competitive quality and cost advantage to our customers.

With world class laboratory facilities, we combine metallurgical services with comprehensive assay testing to provide a complete analytical solution. The lab has the latest technology in analytical equipment and follows stringent quality control procedures and process management to ensure reliability.

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Analysis solutions for industrial minerals

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Why Us?

  • Analysis

    Our professional staff are dedicated to delivering an excellent product with exceptional service. Our state-of-the-art facilities ensure accurate analysis and reliable results.

  • Services

    American Metallurgical Lab offers full service from assay to metallurgical analysis. We partner with our customers to offer customized solutions that range from assay analysis through flow sheet development and pilot scale testing

Complete Assay and Metallurgical Testing Facilities